Frequently Asked Questions  

  • What about Covid?
  • What is a cloud forest?
  • Does the farm have an electricity supply?
  • Does the farm have treated water? 
  • How do I wash my clothes? 
  • Where is the nearest bank and cash machine? Do you accept credit cards?
  • Are there any security issues in Intag? 
  • Where is the nearest doctor?  should I have medical insurance? 
  • Is smoking permitted? 
  • What is the climate like, and when is the best time of year to visit?
  • Are there any special health problems in the area? 
  • Is there telephone/internet at the guest-house? 
  • What is the currency? 
  • What is the time zone of Ecuador? 
  • Is San Antonio a suitable place to bring children? 
  • How can I make a phone call to Ecuador? 
  • Are there any environmental issues in intag? 
  • What is the altitude?
  • Is there a recommended packing list?
  • Is there a place to read and make comments about Cloudforestadventure?

What about Covid?  

There have been a few confirmed cases in Intag, causing flu-like symptoms. Many people use masks when they are in confined areas.  

What is a cloud forest?

One of the least known types of tropical forest, cloud forests are found in remote valleys at higher elevations 1600-3000m. The name comes from the clouds which drench the forest in a fine mist, allowing some particularly delicate forms of plant life to survive.
Cloud forest trees are adapted to steep rocky soils and a harsh climate, and have the characteristic low gnarled growth, dense small-leaved canopies, and moss-covered branches supporting a host of plants such as orchids, ferns, bromeliads and many others.

The dense vegetation at all levels of this forest gives it a mysterious and delicate fairytale appearance. It is the home of such rare species as the mountain toucan, the Andean spectacled bear, and the puma. This habitat is particularly important as a source of fresh water and to control erosion.

Does the farm have an electricity supply?

Yes; 110 volts, 2-pin plugs.

Does the farm have treated water?

No - the water comes from a spring in our forest, and is free from pollution, but we prefer to boil water for our guests.

How do I wash my clothes?

We have a washing machine, which guests are welcome to use.  

Where is the nearest bank and cash machine? Do you accept credit cards?

The nearest banks/cash machines are in Otavalo (3 hours by bus from Cuellaje). Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques or credit cards, so please do bring enough cash to cover your costs. The preferred notes in ecuador are $20 bills or smaller.

Are there any security issues in Intag?

This is perhaps one of the safest areas of Ecuador - comparable to my home town in the UK.  Even so, it's good while in Latin America to get in the habit of keeping any cash and valuables out of sight, perhaps zipped up in an inside pocket.  

Where is the nearest doctor?  Should I have medical insurance?

The nearest doctor and health centre is in Cuellaje, 15 kilometres from Cloudforest Adventure. The nearest hospital is in Cotacachi, about 3 hours by road from Cuellaje. Treatment at both of these medical centres is free.  Yes, medical insurance is a good idea, and in fact is a requirement for entry into Ecuador.   

Is smoking permitted?

Of course!  Please show consideration for other guests, as we don't allow smoking inside.

What is the climate like, and when is the best time of year to visit?

In general, our farm is warm during the day and a bit chilly at night. Typical daytime temperature: 22 centigrade. Nightime: 15 centigrade.  Lower down the valley (in the small town of Cuellaje), the temperatures are about 3 degrees warmer.  
The driest time of year is usually between May and December.
January to April is usually the rainy season (great for birdwatching, and my favourite time of year) 

Are there any special health problems in the area?

This is a remarkably healthy area in which to stay.   However, remember that we are not far from the Equator, and light intensity may be higher than you are used to - it's good to bring a wide-brimmed hat,  maybe some sunglasses and sunblock.

Malaria and dengue fever are absent, as is SICCA syndrome.  At some times of year there are a few mosquitoes, and it's a good idea to bring a repellent.

We offer the  opinion that vaccines are  unnecessary for a visit to Cuellaje parish in Intag. We know that this is a contentious subject, and of course the decision is 100% yours.

When in Ecuador, we also offer the opinion that it's good for travellers to stick to boiled or bottled water - this applies even when you see locals slurping delicious looking fruit juices, unless you are really satisfied that they have been prepared with boiled or bottled water.

Is there telephone/internet at the guest-house?

Yes, there is a telephone;  and there is internet with wi-fi. There is no mobile phone signal at present. Whatsapp works fine on the wifi.  We unplug the  wifi when we go to bed, usually around 8.30pm.

What is the currency?

From March 2000 Ecuador has used the United States dollar. The only difference from the US is that Ecuadorean coins bear the faces of their own national heroes.  It's best to bring bills of $20 or less.  

What is the time zone of Ecuador?

Ecuador is at GMT -5

Is Cloudforest Adventure a suitable place to bring children?

Yes, most children have a wonderful time here.
There are so many different things for them to see and do.  It's a confidence builder for children, a chance to connect with nature, and it's usually  a lot of fun. 

How can I make a phone call to Ecuador?

The international code for Ecuador is 593, followed by the city code with the first 0 removed (for example Quito's code of 022 becomes 22), and finally the phone number, usually 6 digits.
For example: +593+22+648 627.    Same idea for mobile phone numbers - just remove the first 0 when dialling.

Are there any environmental issues in intag?

There are 2 main environmental issues in the area.
  1. Threat of mining; there are huge mineral deposits in Intag, mainly  copper.  There are mining concessions all over Intag, including in Cuellaje parish.  One of our aims is to raise the profile of Intag in this respect, in the hope of avoiding or mitigating the diseases,  destruction, pollution and social division caused by this activity.
  2. Deforestation. "Slash and burn" agriculture has been practised for three generations  and the burnt land is usually sown with maize and then grass seed for cattle pasture.  Streams on deforested land typically turn to dust and stone within two years of the destruction of the forest, with consequent problems of water shortage and empoverishment of the land.
One of the  reasons for promoting eco-tourism in Intag is to provide the population with an ecologically sustainable source of income, and so reduce pollution and  destruction of the cloud forest.  It goes hand in hand with agriculture and other sustainable practices such as trout farming.

What is the altitude?

The town of Cuellaje is at 1800 metres above sea level.  Our farm in San Antonio community (the highest populated area in the parish) is at 2400 metres.  Our lower farm is at about 2000 metres.

Do you have a packing list?

Here are a few ideas - however, it's good to know that you can get almost anything you may need in the main cities of Ecuador.

Favourite toiletries, medications, simple first aid kit
rubber boots (we lend these to tourist-visitors and ask volunteers to bring their own)
Light rain-proof jacket
quick-dry clothing
Hat - wide-brimmed if possible.
insect repellent
dark glasses and/or sunblock
sandals and swim gear

Is there a place to read and make  comments about cloudforestadventure?

We welcome comments , suggestions and critcism - we are on Trip Advisor (see icon on homepage), 
You can also find our listings on and airbnb